Underground garbage cans

The company “Lifting Technologies” several months ago announced a new project – underground waste systems. This will keep the city clean.

Vitaly Tumaikin, Director of Lifting Technologies LLC, and Anna Kozinets, Operations Director of Lifting Technologies LLC, spoke about this project in more detail in the media center.

According to Vitaly Tumaykin, unlike conventional garbage cans, underground systems provide an aesthetic appearance of the territory and eliminate the spread of garbage and an unpleasant odor around.

“These systems consist of a two-level platform located underground. Garbage bins are placed on top. Optionally, they are equipped with fire extinguishing, GPS navigation, blocking. The design of the systems is discussed with the customer. Based on its requirements, such as carrying capacity, loading, the number of tanks, they are designed individually, ”said the director of Lifting Technologies LLC.


Anna Kozinets notes that such tanks should be used not only in the city, but also outside it. For example, if we look at the forest plantations, we will notice that the garbage disposal company does not control the utilization of the bins. And underground systems, in turn, have sensors that can report their fullness.

“In our country, the program of President Volodymyr Zelensky“ Big Construction ”is in effect. We would also like to participate in it, help our country and reach the European level, ”she added.

Vitaly Tumaykin shared his experience of cooperation with a developer in Lviv, who was worried about his future clients. He ordered a garbage bin for 4 stainless steel tanks: “We completed all the work on time, proved ourselves well, and the customer was satisfied, now he advises us to his partners. As for prices, let’s take the maximum value that can be entered, for example, 500 thousand hryvnia. Let’s take a look at this price from the developer’s perspective. Let’s say we have a residential complex with 400 or 500 apartments. For a developer, 1000 hryvnia for the cost of one apartment is, we translate into our language, 8-10 bags of cement. Which developer has the advantage. He can properly advertise the place of waste disposal and thus attract more buyers. ”

Anna Kozinets said that now a lot of garbage is stored incorrectly, which has a detrimental effect on the environment. Either the wind blows it around, or the animals. If we give the example of the Ozerka market, along Bobrova Street we daily observe rolling bags or lying heaps of rubbish – plastic, polyethylene, cardboard, food debris. This attracts mice, rats, cockroaches, which are carriers of the infection. This will not be the case with Hoisting Technology tanks, since the garbage is stored underground and does not attract pests. It should be noted that, thanks to the underground placement, acts of vandalism are also brought to naught. Which, unfortunately, happens quite often in Dnipro.”Lifting Technologies” are ready to cooperate with everyone who wants to make the Dnieper better, more attractive and organize as many accessible territories as possible. For example, residential complexes, government agencies, or even people who are interested in it. The underground tanks are very convenient and easy to maintain. The designs provide for a special service hatch, into which a responsible person who understands the essence of the tank’s operation can enter and eliminate the malfunction. If someone is interested in working with the company, you can find out more information on the website.

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