A telescopic single mast hoist is a highly efficient hydraulic power unit, which is used to lift cargo or people to a great height. The work and rotation of the self-propelled lift are carried out due to the built-in electric motor. In addition, the lift has a battery and due to it can work autonomously.

Unlike aerial platforms and manipulator cranes, the telescopic hoist has compact dimensions, which allows it to be used in confined spaces, move along narrow aisles, and be transported in a freight elevator. The work platform is located low, so you can get to it without using a ladder.
In addition, it is the best alternative to ladders and scaffolding.



  • Installation of advertising structures;
  • Air communications maintenance;
  • Repair and installation work in warehouses and production shops;
  • Facade paintwork;
  • Warehouse work;
  • Construction and maintenance of engineering networks.
  • Rabochaya vysota, m ot 10 do 16
    Vysota platformy, m ot 8 do 14
    Yemkost’ platformy, kg 200
    Skorost’ pod”yema, m/s 0,15

    394 / 5 000
    Результаты перевода

    Working height, m 10 to 16 Platform height, m 8 to 14 Platform capacity, kg 200 Ascent speed, m/s 0.15
    • AD.10.
    • AD.10BJ.
    • AD.12.
    • AD.13.
    • AD.14.
    • AD.16.
    • Ability to use both outside and inside the building;
    • Maneuverability in confined spaces;
    • Low noise level;
    • The presence of a remote control;
    • Battery level indicator;
    • Platform load limiting device;
    • Motion alarm;

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