A self-propelled telescopic loader is a kind of special equipment called a hoist. which is used to move goods and people vertically. Installations of this type are distinguished by the presence of a support frame mounted on a chassis.

The operating principle of the lifts is based on a hydraulic drive system. All functions are performed by the used hydraulic fluid that drives the hydraulic pump.

The rotation of the platform and the movement of the self-propelled lift is carried out due to the operation of the hydraulic motor. In this case, the power plants can be diesel, electric or hybrid versions.


Non-self-propelled telescopic lift is used to lift people and goods to a height. It is used for loading and unloading operations in warehouses and retail outlets.

Competes with aerial platforms and cranes. The compact dimensions allow the use of a standby lift in a warehouse, as, for example, a conventional order sorter. In this case, the cradle acts as a platform for placing goods.

Unlike elevator models, the telescopic handler is smaller and lighter, allowing it to be used in tight spaces, freely navigate narrow aisles, and even be transported in freight elevators.

  • Type telescopic self-propelled
    Carrying capacity, kg from 125 to 200
    Lifting height, m from 6 to 12
    Engine’s type electric, 220В
  • Using this technique helps to optimize workflow and improve performance metrics. Allows you to manage processes as quickly as possible, due to which the speed of work increases several times.


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