Post lift – designed to lift cargo between floors or to heights.

Also, this type of lift is called a mast / post lift because of its supporting structure – a vertical rack along which the cargo platform moves. The lift mast is located on one side of the platform, which allows loading from the other three sides.


What the console lift consists of:


  • self-supporting console made of sturdy steel. It has guides along which the cargo platform moves, leaning on the carriages;
  • the drive is a power hydraulic cylinder equipped with a pump or an electric hoist;
  • the elevator car is equipped with drop sides or sliding lattice doors.


Such structures are called “rack-mountable” because the racks are the load-bearing elements. The main load falls on the upright post. For stability, the base is fixed to the floor with special bolts. Often a lifting mechanism is placed on the side.

Single-rack models – application is justified on objects where compactness and small loading capacity is required. Loading capacity makes – to 2 t.


Two-post – for most companies it is enough to buy a two-post lift to meet the company’s need to lift loads. Models on 2 racks have a platform. The average load capacity range is from 2 to 8 tons.

Four-rack – they are most often used in the maintenance of trucks and vehicles with a shifted center of gravity and uneven distribution on the axles. Used for collapse and ascent.

The equipment on 4 racks has good loading capacity, simple management and excellent stability. Standard length – from 4.5 to 5 m.

  • Load capacity, kg from 500
    Lifting height, m from 1
    Platform height in the lower position, m 0,2
    Lifting speed, m / s 0,15
    • Electric
    • Hydraulic
  • Standard options for the number of racks are: one-, two- and four-post lift. There are models with a large number, however, they are more rare and are usually made to order according to specific requirements. Most often, platform lifts are used in warehouses. If you need to move a small load, it is enough to use a single-post lift (cantilever). If you need a lot of stability and load capacity, you should pay attention to the four- or two-post lift.


    • Freight elevator
    • Interfloor elevators of console type
    • Mine lifts


    The first two types of lifts do not require a mine and can be installed both indoors and outdoors.

    • compactness and economy;
    • optimization of warehouse logistics;
    • ease and reliability of installation of a design and management;
    • can be used both indoors and outdoors;
    • possibility to lift cargo up to 12 meters.

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