Работу, требующую перемещения больших и / или громоздких грузов, сложно представить без специального оборудования. Если вам необходимо перевезти тяжелые грузы, рекомендуем приобрести для работы ножничный подъемник.

Ножницы модели нашли свое применение на складах, производстве и в промышленности, где выполняют функцию своеобразного открытого подъемника, перемещая груз вертикально.

На прикрепленном к нему полу был установлен гидравлический подъемник стола. Причем заглубление часто делают в расчете на то, что в сложенном состоянии площадка будет на одном уровне с полом или оборудована дополнительной аппарелью.

  • Carrying capacity, kg 500-30000
    Loading platform length, mm 1350-11000
    Load platform width, mm 700-6000
    Lifting height, m up to 12
    Folded height, mm 200-1400
    • hydraulic,
    • pneumatic,
    • mechanical.


    It is possible to equip transport elevators with wheels, roller conveyors, automation. made of stainless steel.

  • Low profile hoist – hoists with low mounting height are mainly available with a pair of block lifts and with a capacity of up to 2 tons. They have a small height when folded from 80 to 180 mm. Such hydraulic lifts are mainly used for the organization of cargo works by means of rock.

    Low-profile hydraulic lifts do not require placement in a pit, are mounted on conveyor belts, for the organization of workplaces on production, in logistic complexes.

    One- Two- three- four-scissors hydraulic lifts are platforms that are mounted in places where you need to lift heavy and bulky loads to a height of more than 2-3 m.


    This type of lifts has a number of advantages over freight elevators:


    • Does not require an elevator shaft,
    • Much more economical in the operation of freight elevators,
    • The minimum degree of risk of falling loads,
    • Ease of maintenance,
    • Reliability of a design,
    • Large load capacity,
    • Different sizes of lift platform.


    Lifting tables with a long platform are indispensable equipment for warehouses, logistics centers and for solving household problems of lifting loads, which saves a lot of time associated with the movement of goods. This type of lifting platform is used to work with large loads. Long tables are equipped with longitudinal scissor levers to provide two platforms and load capacity.

    Multi-level platform shears are the optimal solution for trucking in multi-level warehouses and shopping malls.

    • lifting platform,
    • control box,
    • control panels with cables,
    • security systems,
    • passport,
    • operating instructions.
    • Reliability and durability of work in the sense of the constructive execution.
    • Simple and fast service.
    • They can have a large load capacity and different lifting speeds.
    • Lifts are mounted flush with the floor in the pit.
    • Loading work is carried out on either side of the lift.
    • Ability to carry out work at different temperatures.
    • They are made with low mounting height (low-profile lifting tables).
    • Work in complex solutions, such as the conveyor.
    • Low energy consumption.
    • They best show their effectiveness in situations where the movement of cargo goes to a small height, but the cargo itself is large and heavy.

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