Roller conveyor (roller conveyor) – this type of conveyor equipment consists of a group of rollers that are fixed in a frame. For some designs, welded rollers rotating in bearing assemblies are used. Small loads with a complex configuration are moved on roller conveyors in boxes, on special pallets, or on pallets.

Such conveyors are used to move non-bulk goods (pallets, boxes, boxes, long goods, such as rolled metal, timber, etc.), in the case when the use of belt conveyors is impossible.

  • Carrying capacity of 1 meter, KG 670
    Dimensions (edit), mm length from 500 to 30000
    width 560 (800)
    height 230, 150, 290
    Roller length, mm (at the request of the Customer) до 780
    Step of rollers, mm 250
    Roller diameter, mm 57, 76
    Weight, kg 40,5
  • The roller conveyor is not driven. Consist of a frame, supports and rollers with bearings. This roller conveyor is also called gravitational, it allows you to transport goods weighing up to 1000 kg. Items on the non-driven conveyor move under the influence of its own weight or with the help of a person.

    Drive roller conveyor. The rollers are driven by an electric motor. It is most often used in sorting automatic lines or in production, where human participation in the process is minimal.

    Extensible. Roller roller conveyors of this type are non-driven and driven, are small in size and work in combination with other conveyor devices. This allows you to create a single conveyor line in terms of production.


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