Platform scales are a metal platform that rests on four strain gauges, four adjustable legs, and also has a weighing indicator. The display is equipped with bright LED indication. The manufacturer provides a weight retention function that allows fixing the weighing information after removing the load from the scales, as well as the function of setting the upper and lower weighing limits (sound signal), counting mode, summation and zeroing. The balance has an automatic energy saving mode and a choice of weighing units. The platform with the indicator is connected with a 3 or 5 meter wire. At the request of the customer, an RS-232 interface can be installed to connect the device to a PC. Power is supplied from the built-in battery for up to 60 hours without recharging and from the mains.

The company’s specialists can make scales of non-standard sizes and materials.

Warranty 12 months (Warranty and post-warranty service).

  • MWL, kg Size, mm Weight device
    600/1000/2000 1000*1000 DF A9
    600/1000/2000 1000*1000 Zemic A6
    600/1000/2000 1000*1000 XK 3118T1
    600/1000/2000 1000*1000 YH-T7E
    600/1000/2000 1000*1000 DF A9 Bluetooth
    600/1000/2000 1250*1250 DF A9
    600/1000/2000 1250*1250 Zemic A6
    600/1000/2000 1250*1250 XK 3118T1
    600/1000/2000 1250*1250 YH-T7E
    600/1000/2000 1250*1250 DF A9 B-tooth


    Maximum weighing limit, t. 0,6/1/2/3
    Minimum weighing limit, kg 5/10/20/20
    Discreteness, kg 0,2/0,5/1/1
    Verification scale interval, kg 0,2/0,5/1/1
    Compensation of tare weight, t 0,6/1/2/3
    Types of indicator LED
    Height of display characters 25 mm
    Number of indicators 1-Weight
    Operating temperature range -10 to + 40C°
    The material of the indicator ABS plastic/metal
    Platform material Steel + smooth flooring 3mm
    Accumulator 4V 4.5 Ah (48x48x108 mm))
    Duration of operation with auxiliary power supply 60 hours
    Power 220V /50Hz from network or built-in battery
    Battery charge time 8 hours
    Counting mode Yes
    Device weight, kg To 2.5
    Ability to install the indicator on the stand Yes
    Audible signal of overloading the balance Yes
    Standby mode when not using the balance Yes
    Weight retention Yes
    Automatic zero setting Yes
    Container Yes
    Unit Kilograms/grams/pounds
    Dustproof cover Yes
    • automatic installation and tracking of the zero point;
    • calibration;
    • summation of cargo weight;
    • weight stabilization;
    • weighing animals;
    • artificial counting;
    • sound alarm of two set values;
    • RS232 interface for connection to a PC.

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