Multilevel system (mezzanine) – an effective solution for warehousing.

Multi-storey design makes it possible to design individual levels according to need and the rational use of expensive warehouse space.

Mezzanine structures are a platform structure in 2-4 levels with floors and a stairwell. Floors are made of lattice flooring or OSB sheets.

Due to its extremely stable, self-supporting steel structure, the multilevel system is ideal for storing heavy loads – to accommodate distributed loads.

Due to the use of the frame structure, access to the racks is available from all sides, which speeds up the order.

We plan your platform together with you and adjust its design and equipment to your requirements.

    • increase in storage area by 80%;
    • free access to goods on each floor;
    • moving goods at large angles and between levels of different heights;
    • reliability of a design;
    • minimization of labor costs;
    • increase in speed of a complete set of orders on a mezzanine in 1,5-2 times
    • the process is performed simultaneously on several levels.


    Multi-level systems allow you to make the most of the height of the room, reduce the time to solve problems and provide unobstructed access to each shelf.


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