Lifts for people with disabilities of freedom of movement are enshrined in the constitution of every country in the world, so public organizations and individuals should take care of the convenience of each person, even if he needs more attention and special conditions. Lifting devices for people with reduced mobility for the movement of people with reduced mobility.


There are 4 main types of lifts:

  • Scissor lift, vertical, hydraulic
  • Lift cantilever, vertical movement, hydraulic type and electric
  • Electric incline, for climbing stairs
  • Wheelchair lift

Additional stair models are also divided into those that move along straight stairs and bends that use curved rails.

    • Vertical column lifts are the most common type. To move, you need to drive a wheelchair onto the platform, and then, with the help of a simple control, you will move vertically to the desired level or floor. Steps, staircases and thresholds are completely ignored here. Any lift of this type can be designed so that it does not interfere with the architectural features of a building or place, which opens up wide opportunities in terms of improving the quality of public places without compromising their appearance.


    • Vertical scissor lifts – can be installed inside or outside the building, in private facilities and public. Installation is carried out on existing entrance groups, without interfering with them and without disturbing the attractive appearance.


    • Electric Inclined Lift – has become an excellent replacement for a ramp due to the lack of requirements for compliance with a certain angle of inclination required for classic ramps. Suitable for installation in buildings where a standard disabled vertical lift cannot be mounted. The movement mechanism provides for the installation of rails on the stair rail, attached to the wall, along which the platform moves. The direction of travel is parallel to the stairs.
  • Regardless of what kind of lift you need, you will receive advice and the possibility of a specialist visit to the installation site. The lifting device will be designed for the installation site and will meet standards for convenience, strength and safety.


    “Accessible environment” is a full cycle production. This makes it possible to implement a lift with delivery and installation for moving not only for people with limited mobility.


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