The wheelchair lift is the ideal solution for low heights. It is indispensable in places such as banks/post offices, clinics, hospitals, and public and cultural places.
Thanks to its special outer coating, the wheelchair lift adapts perfectly to the aesthetics of the buildings or environment in which it will be installed.

Lifting Technologies offers 3 types of lifts:


  • Low type wheelchair lift;
  • Standard type wheelchair lift;
  • Special mobile wheelchair lift

Need more customized options for your lift? It’s not a problem, contact us!

  • Load Capacity 200-500kg
    Loading platform length 1200-1800mm
    Loading platform width 800-1450mm
    Rise height 500-3000mm
    Folded Height 85-280mm
    • Interlock lock system on doors;
    • Ability to manufacture any lift in special dimensions and details with its customer-oriented structure;
    • Push or push type control panel with 24 V DC control box;
    • Shock-resistant hydraulic hose with reinforced design;
    • CE certified products in accordance with European standards EN 1570-1;
    • Safe clearance between all moving parts;
    • IP54 electrical system;
    • Overload protection system;
    • Anti-jamming system with protective frame on the platform;
    • All wheelchair lifts are tested with an overload of 30% above the load capacity.
    • High-quality hydraulic cylinders for safe and smooth operation
    • Low maintenance due to robust design and high quality
    • Maximum safety due to mechanical fastening during maintenance.

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