Automation of tearing machine in Kramatorsk

At one of the enterprises in Kramatorsk there was a mechanical rupture machine (stand) for sling samples.


Automate tests.




What did we do?


Implemented control through a computer (automatic mode) and through a control cabinet (manual mode).
How the process works:
The operator selects the mode with the button.
In automatic mode, he sits down at the computer and fills in the fields about the experiment (name of the laboratory assistant, type of sample, etc.) and presses the start button.
A graph of the load / time ratio appears on the computer, like. When the sample breaks, a report on this experiment is generated on the computer and given to Print.

Designed for the client’s requirements for crane scale equipment. Namely, an indication / control panel with the ability to print on a wireless printer and data via bluetooth. Print Format: Date / Time / Product Code / Weight

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