Company Lifting Technologies presented a new bright project for the beauty and cleanliness of the Dnieper – underground waste systems

Underground garbage systems are needed for collecting and sorting garbage. They are better at storing waste than conventional bins – garbage will never fly away due to weather conditions, since the containers are underground. With the help of underground waste systems, sorting waste will be much easier.

The system consists of two parts: an upper platform with a beautiful garbage receptacle that provides garbage collection and a lower part with a tank invisible to the eye. The lifting mechanism helps in the removal of debris, there is a fire protection system. If you need to get inside the system, a service hatch is provided. The system can be installed from 1 to 8 such receiving points.


Director of the company “Lifting Technologies” Vitaly Tumaykin



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When the tank is full, this is signaled by the GPS system. But extraction is impossible without a special key. This is necessary to protect the system from unauthorized hacking and vandalism. Such a key can be at the concierge at home, it can be entrusted to an authorized person at the enterprise or to the garbage collection service itself and forget about the problems of waste collection.

Installation of our system takes 2 business days. Within three weeks, according to the customer’s requirements, the system is made according to an individual project. This means that each system is unique in its own way.

The Lifting Technologies company is actively working on the implementation of this project on the streets of our city and I am sure that very soon it will gain wide popularity among the residents of Dnipro.

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